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Minnick’s Is Now on YouTube

Minnick’s is proud to announce our new YouTube channel. We will be posting new content here about twice per month. Our videos will be educational and answer lots of our customers most common questions. Give us a call at (240) 203-6611 to get personalized help immediately. Subscribe today for more videos with tips on how… Read more »

Secrets Of An HVAC Contractor: How To Ventilate Your Bathroom

how to ventilate your bathroom

What does HVAC stand for? Mostly, we talk about heating (H) and cooling (AC), but ventilation (V) is important too. That’s especially true in your bathroom. But what many people don’t realize is that beyond disagreeable odors, there are also significant health risks associated with improper bathroom ventilation. Rob MinnickRob Minnick is the CEO &… Read more »

How Air Conditioner Maintenance Saves You Money

Minnick's air conditioning tuneup

In just a few short months, air conditioners will be on full blast. Air conditioner maintenance and coil cleaning are two steps you can take to save money, keep your A/C running efficiently, and improve the quality of air in your home. Rob MinnickRob Minnick is the CEO & President of Minnick’s. His family-owned company specializes… Read more »

Furnace Maintenance Checklist: 6 Ways it Protects Your Family

furnace maintenance checklist

UPDATED 10/18/2017 When the leaves begin to change colors, and the temperatures dip you know winter is around the corner. To protect your comfort all winter long, prepare for the cold with HVAC maintenance. The six ways Minnick’s furnace inspection improves your Whole-Home Comfort. Rob MinnickRob Minnick is the CEO & President of Minnick’s. His… Read more »

3 Reasons A Whole-House Humidifier Is The Best Choice

Whole-House humidifier vs portable

UPDATED 4/4/2018 It sure looks pretty when snow coats the ground during the winter. We need that beautiful scenery because there are many unpleasant effects of that cold, dry air outside. It increases allergy symptoms such as dry noses, itchy skin, and sore throats. It also contributes to respiratory problems like asthma. A whole-house humidifier… Read more »