Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and RepairThe maintenance and repair work we offer for your heating and cooling systems can take care of rooms that are too hot or too cold. This work can also locate the reasons for your high energy bills. All of these problems, and more, are signals that your HVAC systems are not working like they should.

When you schedule an inspection and repair call from Minnick’s, we will send out one of our qualified technicians in our “Rolling Warehouses”, this is what we call our fully stocked trucks. Each truck is loaded with the right parts and tools to ensure that maintenance and repair is conducted quickly and accurately.

In addition to scheduling maintenance and repair calls, Minnick’s also offers a 24/7 call center for emergencies. If the call comes in after hours, we work to get a technician to your house as soon as possible.

Whether it is scheduled or an emergency call, technicians will conduct comprehensive inspections of your heating and cooling systems. They will prepare the areas to ensure your home is kept clean and neat, and they take other precautions, such as wearing booties and covering work areas with drop cloths.

After the service call has been completed, your tech will review the work performed for you and create a personalized report that clearly lists all of the information found, along with recommendations that will improve the performance of your existing heating and cooling systems.

A visit from Minnick’s can improve the comfort of your house and reduce the money you spend every month paying your energy bill. If you have questions about our maintenance and repair services, please contact us today at 888.483.5740.

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