Hers Rating

hers-ratingsMinnick’s HVAC & Home Performance of Laurel, Maryland offers HERS Ratings (Home Energy Ratings) throughout Maryland. A HERS Rating (Home Energy Rating System), administered by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and offered by Minnick’s, provides a variety of benefits for builders, homeowners and real estate agents.

What is a HERS Rating?

A HERS Rating is a system that ranks a home’s energy efficiency, similarly to a miles-per-gallon fuel efficiency rating for cars. The HERS Index is a scale from 0-150, with higher numbers representing greater energy consumption and lower numbers representing lower energy consumption, or improved energy efficiency. A 0 represents a so-called “Zero Energy Home,” which produces at least as much energy as it creates.

Why Have a HERS Rating?

A HERS Rating is a trusted, nationally recognized energy efficiency “score” for a home or commercial building. It is a requirement of such programs as Energy Star New Homes, and is mandatory for eligibility for an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM), Energy Improvement Mortgage (EIM), and a number of other programs and certifications. The home energy rating can also stand alone, to signify to potential homebuyers that a home will be more comfortable and more affordable to operate than the standard, code-built home.

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