In a world where being environmentally friendly has become commonplace, geothermal heating and cooling is gaining in popularity among homeowners. This method of heating and cooling a home has been called the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling system by the Environmental Protection Agency.

So how does geothermal heating and cooling work?

Basically, a geothermal heat pump is designed to extract heat stored in the ground and distribute this heat throughout a home. In the summer, the opposite occurs, hot air is drawn out of the air, and forced into the earth. Cool air is then used to make the house comfortable.

Installing a geothermal system requires a great deal of experience and technical knowledge, which is why Minnick’s technicians are perfectly suited for the job. In addition to the training they receive in the classroom, our technicians practice installation and service on geothermal pumps at our in house training model.

In addition to being a cleaner source of heating and cooling, geothermal energy is also less expensive when it comes to your energy bill. The reason is that a geothermal heat pump, or a ground source heat pump as they are also called, does not have to work as hard to raise, or lower the air.

For example, when the outside temperature on a cold winter’s day is just 30 degrees, a traditional HVAC system would have to heat the air 40 degrees higher to reach a comfortable 70 degrees. But in a geothermal household, that differential is only 13 degrees, because the heat being extracted from the ground is already at 57 degrees.

Conversely, on a hot summer day where the outside temperature is 90 degrees, a traditional system would have to cool the air 20 degrees to reach 70. The geothermal system, however, has a huge head start in achieving that goal.

Using geothermal energy and a ground source heat pump is an excellent way to lower your energy bills while at the same time, lessening your home’s impact on the environment. Finally, unlike conventional HVAC systems, a geothermal system does not create humidity and uncomfortable cold and hot spots in a home.

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