Healthy living for less

Healthy homes, healthy living, and a healthy budget. It’s all possible at Minnick’s.

We offer financing solutions that make getting comfortable in your home easier.

Our whole-home approach incorporates improvements like air sealing, ductwork, heating and cooling equipment,  and insulation – which all improve air quality in your home.

Plus, your HVAC system will run more efficiently saving you money on utilities.

With 0% financing or payments as low as $99 / month, a whole-home approach to comfort and efficiency is within easier reach.

At Minnick’s, a healthy home means healthy living. With our financing options, you can do it for less.

Minnick’s emergency HVAC repairs

We know you have lots of priorities as a homeowner. We respect the fact that getting all your home efficiency improvements done now might require a timeline for your budget. That’s why we offer low payments on our products and services that help you live healthier.

Minnick’s has you covered for all your emergency HVAC needs. That’s why you’ll pay one price for service calls even if you need our help at night or on the weekend. There are no upcharges. Our service calls are always $89.

Plus, we offer financing that will keep your budget healthy.

Minnick’s financing offers

Minnick’s has a variety of financing options to meet your HVAC needs, like payments starting at $99 a month.

You can also take advantage of our 0% financing offer: ZERO interest for 18 months, and no monthly payment required. Simply pay the full balance before 24 months to avoid paying interest.

Multiple HVAC financing offers are available to fit all budgets. Learn today if you qualify for 0% financing so you experience the benefits of whole home healthy living.

Whole-Home Action Plan

Minnick’s is different from other HVAC providers. While other contractors may suggest a new unit as the solution to every problem, our 60 years of experience has taught us to THINK OUTSIDE THE UNIT.


An energy-efficient HVAC system is important. However, Minnick’s believes that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Minnick’s trained HVAC technicians look at your whole home as a system.

Even the most energy-efficient HVAC system won’t perform as efficiently as possible if other parts of your home, like your insulation and ventilation, are not working as they should.

Our energy audits check the performance of your windows, insulation, ventilation, ductwork, and heating and cooling equipment.

We have solutions for every budget so you can start living healthier today.

At Minnick’s, we believe in healthy living and healthy homes for less.

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