Smart Maintenance is a “smart” way to manage your HVAC system. It uses custom sensors to detect up to 80-percent of HVAC issues before they happen.

Feel more comfortable at home, with a 32-point remote maintenance check every month.

We’ve put together these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Please feel free to contact us if you have a question we haven’t answered below.


How much does Smart Maintenance cost?

Smart Maintenance costs $199 per year for monthly remote-monitoring. Our smart technology analyzes 32 components of your HVAC system, protecting your comfort and detecting HVAC issues before they happen.

There’s also a one-time installation fee of $399. It includes installation of the 10 custom sensors on your HVAC system so we can make your HVAC system smart.

While Smart Maintenance offers never-before-seen data about your equipment, Minnick’s also recommends an annual maintenance inspection by our trained HVAC technician. For $199 a year, you’ll get monthly remote-monitoring, plus one maintenance visit from our team of expert technicians.

What do I get as a Smart Maintenance customer?

Our remote-maintenance checks each month, provide never before seen data on your heating and cooling system. In addition to alerts, we also take the worry out of HVAC ownership with these benefits:

  • Monthly diagnostic check of 32 components on your HVAC system
  • System-issued alerts with recommended actions when we detect problems
  • Urgent HVAC alerts
  • Monthly system report with your system’s runtime, estimated cost, and average daily cost
  • Accurate filter change alerts
  • Verification that your system is running at peak performance
  • Confirmation of an optimized system
  • Live data sent to our monitoring center for a real-time view of your system’s performance
  • Insights and advice backed by Minnick’s and the Smart Maintenance provider, Emerson, who together have over 180 years of industry experience

How Does the Service Work?

Minnick’s trained HVAC technician installs 10 custom sensors on your HVAC equipment. The sensors collect data about your system’s performance and send it to the Smart Maintenance monitoring center.

Our team of experts analyzes the data. Once they verify an issue, you and Minnick’s both receive an alert. It includes a recommendation to fix the issue, so it doesn’t become a problem.

When we get an urgent alert, we offer our Smart Maintenance customers a FREE service call. We offer priority, front-of-line service with same day appointments.

Plus, you’ll receive monthly reports detailing your system’s performance. That includes the monthly diagnostic check, how long your system runs, cost per day, and open alerts.

It’s like having the smartest technician in your home, every month!

What is Smart Maintenance?

Smart Maintenance is a remote monitoring system that prevents and predicts HVAC issues and protects your comfort. Custom sensors collect and analyze never-before-seen HVAC data. That way, we can prevent breakdowns, extend the life of your system, and save you time and money.


Is there a warranty on Smart Maintenance hardware?

Yes. Smart Maintenance hardware includes a five-year warranty.

Can I install Smart Maintenance hardware myself?

For safety reasons, we do not allow you to install the Smart Maintenance hardware. Our trained technicians install a number of custom sensors near high voltage wires. The installation requires advanced knowledge of heating and cooling equipment. Plus, Smart Maintenance works in conjunction with Minnick’s. We both receive alerts when the hardware detects an HVAC system issue, so we need to make sure the hardware is setup correctly.

How do I sign up for Smart Monitoring service?

Minnick’s is the only Maryland heating and cooling company offering Smart Maintenance. Contact us today to make your HVAC system smart.

Can I control my thermostat with the Smart Maintenance program?

No. Smart Maintenance does not connect to your thermostat or control the temperature in your home.

Do I need a Wi-Fi thermostat to use the service?

No. Smart Maintenance is compatible with most thermostats. However, we suggest EcoBee Wi-Fi thermostat, which allows you to control temperatures at home remotely. It is not required, though.

Can I manage multiple systems/homes with one account?

Absolutely! There is no limit to the number of systems you can add to your Smart Maintenance account.

Do you need to install Smart Maintenance hardware on every HVAC system?

Yes, you need Smart Maintenance hardware on every HVAC system that you want to monitor. If you have more than one heating and cooling system in your home, you’ll need Smart Maintenance hardware (sensors) on both sets of equipment if you want to monitor both of them. We consider an HVAC system to be a heater / furnace / air handler / indoor unit AND a heat pump / air conditioner / outdoor unit. If you have multiple systems, you have the option to install the smart technology on one or more systems.

Will it work on my home heating and/or cooling system?

Smart Maintenance works on most traditional heating and cooling systems. However, geothermal and communicating systems (also called proprietary systems) are not compatible at this time.

It also requires a home Wi-Fi network to send data to our monitoring center for analysis. We also use email to send you monthly reports.

Contact Minnick’s today to find out if Smart Maintenance will work with your system.


Is the Smart Maintenance system secure from threats?

Smart Maintenance does not use an operating system, so we never install any software. Here’s a look at how Smart Maintenance security works.

Is the Smart Maintenance data center certified as compliant with any security standards, like SSAE-16 or NIST 800-53?

The type of data Smart Maintenance uses does not require these types of security. So, it is not compliant with those standards.


What are the chances of receiving a false alert?

False alerts are very unlikely. Each and every alert sent is analyzed and composed by one of our experts. As a result, you are not likely to receive an alert unless a problem has been verified.

What type of information does the alert include?

Every alert includes an explanation of the identified problem as well as a recommended action. Your email alert will also include Minnick’s contact information so you can quickly and conveniently schedule a repair.

How likely am I to receive an alert?

If you have an older system, you’ll generally get more alerts. On existing systems, 40% of Smart Maintenance customers receive an alert in the first six months of service.

Customers with a newer HVAC system, tend to receive fewer alerts. However, you will be notified to change your air filter.

What types of alerts will I receive?

The smart maintenance system sends alerts in three categories: Caution, Warning, and Urgent.

Caution alerts identify an intermittent system performance issue or a minor inefficiency. These do not require immediate attention, however taking action may help you save money on the operation of your HVAC equipment. For example, we may send you an alert to check or replace your air filter. Changing it, makes your system run better and saves you money.

We issue warning alerts when there’s an issue that could lead to a breakdown or an inefficient system. For example, we’ll warn you if we detect water and your HVAC system turned off.

An urgent alert requires immediate attention. For example, your home’s temperature dropped below freezing.


When can I expect to receive my Monthly System Report?

We email reports the second week of every month. If you sign up for Smart Maintenance service in the middle of the month, you’ll receive your first report in the month following your first full month of service.

What is the Monthly System Report?

Every month, the Smart Maintenance system report includes results from a diagnostic check, open alerts, and a log of past alerts. The report also includes how long your system ran that month, the estimated cost, and average daily cost.


When is data collected from my equipment?

Smart Maintenance collects and transmits runtime data every time your system runs.

If my home Internet service goes down, will Smart Maintenance detect equipment problems unrelated to connectivity?

If the Internet problem persists, you will receive a connectivity alert from Smart Maintenance. The hardware installed in your home will store data for up to 15 hours and send it for analysis when the Internet service resumes. While you may not be able to access Live Data during the outage, you’ll receive email alerts when service returns.

Do I need a home Wi-Fi network?

Yes. The Smart Maintenance sensors send real-time HVAC system data to our team of experts using your home’s Wi-Fi network.

What is live data? Should I keep an eye on it?

Many homeowners enjoy viewing live data for real-time access to their system. You’ll see two graphs: temperature split and voltage.

Temperature split shows you the temperature of the air flowing in and out of your equipment. Minnick’s uses this to understand how efficiently your system works, to reach the desired temperature set on your thermostat.

Voltage graph shows you the amount of electricity used by your equipment when it’s running. You’ll also have access to the outside air temperature.

While we certainly encourage you to look at the live data, you don’t have to since our team of experts already monitor your equipment. We’ll always alert you to a potential problem.

What can I see on my account dashboard?

Once you log in, you will see your account dashboard. You can view the status of your last diagnostic check, any active alerts, a snapshot of your alert history, and live system data. You’ll also see Minnick’s contact information, along with your system equipment information.

How do I access my account?

Click here to access your account through the Homeowner Portal. You can access your homeowner portal on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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