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Relative Humidity in Your Home

When your home is too humid, it can cause issues, both to the health of your loved ones, and to the contents in your home. Though when your home is too dry, you also risk health issues and potential concerns with your personal property. Though how do you know what is the right level of… Read more »

Secrets Of An HVAC Contractor: How To Ventilate Your Bathroom

how to ventilate your bathroom

What does HVAC stand for? Mostly, we talk about heating (H) and cooling (AC), but ventilation (V) is important too. That’s especially true in your bathroom. But what many people don’t realize is that beyond disagreeable odors, there are also significant health risks associated with improper bathroom ventilation. Rob MinnickRob Minnick is the CEO &… Read more »

How To Control Mold Problems In Your Home

Minnick's control mold in your home

Ever notice a mildew or mold smell in your house? It’s usually a sign of a moisture problem. A check of your exhaust vents can rule out household appliances and everyday activities as the source of the mold. Rob MinnickRob Minnick is the CEO & President of Minnick’s. His family-owned company specializes in heating, cooling,… Read more »

How A Whole-House Dehumidifier Makes Your Home Feel Cooler

whole house dehumidifer

In Maryland, humidity can make even a beautiful day feel oppressive. When you step outside, it can feel like stepping into a wall made of heat, unbearable even for the ten-second walk to the car. Inside often doesn’t feel much better, even if your air conditioning is working. You can feel sticky or clammy, making… Read more »


It should not be surprising that an HVAC system is the perfect environment for mold growth. By nature, HVAC systems create a lot of moisture and, if left unmanaged in a humid atmosphere, this creates a natural ecosystem for mold to thrive. Mold can be extremely dangerous, especially to people who are particularly sensitive, and… Read more »


One of the scariest factors of mold growth is that many homeowners do not realize that their house may already be infected. Mold thrives in humid temperatures on materials such as wood, paper, carpet, leather, and foods, and may be extremely hard to spot. HOW CAN YOU DETECT MOLD? Mold emits a musty, rank odor,… Read more »