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Minnick’s Is Now on YouTube

Minnick’s is proud to announce our new YouTube channel. We will be posting new content here about twice per month. Our videos will be educational and answer lots of our customers most common questions. Give us a call at (240) 203-6611 to get personalized help immediately. Subscribe today for more videos with tips on how… Read more »

Pepco & BGE Energy Rebates Offer Savings Up To $7500

bge and pepco energy rebate

Tired of high utility bills? Save energy and save money with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. The latest program offers increased incentives, up to $7500 or 75-percent of your project. BGE, Pepco, DPL, SMECO, & Potomac Edison customers are eligible to save energy, save money, and increase Whole-Home Comfort. Rob MinnickRob Minnick is the… Read more »

How To Seal Drafts And Air Leaks In A Home

prevent household drafts

UPDATED 10/24/2017 Have you ever felt cold air coming seeping into your home from windows, doors, or walls? While homeowners feel some of the drafts that drive up winter heating bills, others are less obvious. An energy audit identifies all the areas of energy loss and finds solutions. Air sealing is a low-cost and effective… Read more »

Which Energy Audit Do I Need: HVAC vs Minnick’s Home Energy Audit

energy audit savings

UPDATED 9/11/2017 In the winter and summer, does your HVAC system have a hard time keeping up with increased demand? If that’s the case, you probably see high utility bills and low indoor comfort. A home energy audit identifies the reasons why.  Rob MinnickRob Minnick is the CEO & President of Minnick’s. His family-owned company… Read more »