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Top Reasons to Schedule a Home Energy Audit

energy audit

If you’re like many homeowners, you want your home to be comfortable, affordable, and built to last. A house that wastes money, or doesn’t keep out the cold, is a home that could be better.   A home energy audit lets homeowners evaluate the way their house uses electricity and heat. Think of an energy… Read more »

What Is The Smart-Approach To Whole-Home Comfort?

Whole-Home Comfort

When you think of your heating and cooling needs, do you automatically think about your furnace or air conditioner? Most homeowners do, but Whole-Home Comfort depends on so much more. The Smart Approach to Whole-Home Comfort looks at how your systems work together to improve the health and comfort of your home.  Rob MinnickRob Minnick… Read more »

Which Energy Audit Do I Need: HVAC vs Minnick’s Home Energy Audit

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UPDATED 9/11/2017 In the winter and summer, does your HVAC system have a hard time keeping up with increased demand? If that’s the case, you probably see high utility bills and low indoor comfort. A home energy audit identifies the reasons why.  Rob MinnickRob Minnick is the CEO & President of Minnick’s. His family-owned company… Read more »

How Attic Ventilation Lowers Your Maryland Heating Bills

attic ventilation

Attic ventilation is an important part of your home because it not only keeps a comfortable temperature in your house year-round but also reduces energy costs. Natural attic ventilation (or the ventilation not produced by whole-house fans or other ventilation systems) happens through the natural exchange of air in your home. The 3 signs of… Read more »

How A Whole-House Dehumidifier Makes Your Home Feel Cooler

whole house dehumidifer

In Maryland, humidity can make even a beautiful day feel oppressive. When you step outside, it can feel like stepping into a wall made of heat, unbearable even for the ten-second walk to the car. Inside often doesn’t feel much better, even if your air conditioning is working. You can feel sticky or clammy, making… Read more »


It seems as if air conditioning units always fail at the most inopportune times: usually, right in the middle of a sweltering heat wave. To reduce the chance of this happening, it is recommended that you schedule a maintenance inspection for your HVAC unit before the two major operating seasons (summer and winter) each year. Not… Read more »