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Heat Pump Failure: 5 Common Reasons for Heat Pump Malfunction

A heat pump problem can be a cause for despair, especially if it is your only option in terms of space heating and or cooling. Most times, people are quick to call a maintenance specialist to troubleshoot and fix the pump when they can handle a majority of the issues on their own. That being… Read more »

Why Do A/C Units Last Longer Than Heating Units?

You probably would want to have your home well-ventilated and have the system running over a long period of time. Air conditioning systems are a reliable solution. Have you ever wondered why central AC units seem to last longer than heating units? Read on for the real answers you never expected. How Central AC (Air… Read more »

AC Won’t Turn On? Here Are 5 Reasons This May Be Happening

In 1913, Death Valley California set a new record when temperatures hit an all-time high of 134°. While the temperature this summer may not reach quite as high, chances are you want to take advantage of your air conditioning to keep your home cool and comfortable, which is why noticing that your AC won’t turn… Read more »