Our Team Members Describe Themselves as:



We listen to and value everyone.



We are dedicated to our work because other people's joy depends on it.



We create solutions for a healthier, more comfortable home.

What Makes Working at Minnick's so Special?

Many people live in uncomfortable homes that are hemorrhaging money.

What they don't realize is that same home may also be making them sick.

We assess the underlying issues by looking at the whole home to prescribe permanent solutions.

With the right knowledge, care, and effort we can make your home a place you never want to leave.

Ki fixing Ductwork

What will my daily experience at Minnick's look like?

While every position is different, every team member prides themselves on taking action. Every day each of us:


We show-up to work on-time with positive attitudes because home solutions are about bringing comfort to others.


We are constantly learning and expanding our knowledge to help us find the best solutions to provide our clients with healthy and comfortable homes.


We maintain cleanliness and organization in our work place daily, so we can focus on serving our customers.

Ready to be a part of something bigger? 
We don't want Minnick's to be just another job for you.

At Minnick's, we care about the hidden comfort issues that plague homeowners.

We have the advanced technical knowledge to find and conquer those issues, so everyone can have a healthier, more comfortable home.