Proven Way To Lower Your Summer Electric Bill

proven way to lower summer electric bills

We rely on our air conditioner to cool our home during the summer heat. Comfort is important, but are you paying too much money for your summer utility bills? Checking your ductwork is a proven way to lower your summer electric bill and your heating bills in the winter.

Are You Wasting Money On Plumbing Leaks?

Minnick's plumbing maintenance

Leaky pipes create big messes and lead to big repair and water bills. The EPA estimates you can save 10-percent on your water bills by fixing water leaks. A plumbing check can spot water leaks so you don’t waste money. 

How To Seal Drafts And Air Leaks In A Home

prevent household drafts

UPDATED 10/24/2017 Have you ever felt cold air coming seeping into your home from windows, doors, or walls? While homeowners feel some of the drafts that drive up winter heating bills, others are less obvious. An energy audit identifies all the areas of energy loss and finds solutions. Air sealing is a low-cost and effective… Read more »