Home isn't heating and cooling the way it’s supposed to?

We help homeowners find solutions to keep home comfortable and efficient year round.

How Can We Help?

Heating & Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Is your home's heat or AC broken or needing maintenance? Our technicians can service all of your HVAC equipment from the furnace to the heat pump and more. We also offer two amazing HVAC maintenance options for keeping your equipment running all year.

Indoor Air Quality

Is your indoor air uncomfortable or stale? Your house needs to breathe, just like you. Not enough airflow creates stale, harmful air that can make you sick. Too much airflow wastes money, and sacrifices your comfort. Find out in minutes how your home is affecting your health with our FREE Indoor Air Quality Assessment.

Energy Efficiency

Frustrated with high utility bills? We can help you determine where you're wasting the most energy with our FREE in-home Energy Evaluation. We also offer an instant online energy audit tool to help you identify ways to stop losing energy and start saving money.

It’s frustrating to spend money on HVAC solutions that don’t solve your heating and cooling problems.

Did you know… 

✔70% of HVAC systems are running below the Manufacturers specs, wasting energy and money.
✔50% of HVAC Systems ducts are undersized, wasting energy and money.
✔40% of new HVAC systems aren’t optimally installed per EPA, which can result in inefficiencies and equipment failure.

Stop paying for costly tune-ups or a new unit that won’t fix the problem. Let our technicians diagnose the underlying issue and work with you to find a solution that will fix your problems for good. 

100% RIGHT or 100% FREE - Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Minnicks, we know that you want to be a happy homeowner. You shouldn’t have to pay high bills for a system that isn’t properly heating or cooling your home. That’s why every system we install is backed by our 100% Right Or 100% Free Guarantee, so you can take charge of your home comfort and save money for years to come.

With any repair, maintenance service, or installation, Minnick’s provides a special 30-day guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied by the work we have performed, we will return and address any issues for free.
100% Right or 100% Free Badge

Never play thermostat games again.

The best heating and cooling system is one you never have to think about, because it’s doing its job keeping your home at the perfect temperature.

Since 1954, we’ve helped thousands of happy homeowners take charge of their home comfort. Call us today and let us show you how we get to the root of the problem, so you can forget about your heating and cooling problems for good.

3 Steps to a Comfortable Home

Meet With Us

We’ll meet at your home to check out and understand any issues you’re experiencing.

Make a Plan

We’ll design the right solution so your home is comfortable and saves you money for years to come.

Install, Certify & Relax

We’ll perform a quality inspection after every job to make sure your system is working for you.

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