“The whole experience was very professional. The technician not only did a complete and thorough job, he went out of his way to answer my questions and thereby assist me in making decisions on work that needed to be done now and that which should be done in the future.”

- Allen J.
Silver Spring, MD

The expertise of Rusty talking us through the different options and ways in which our older house could get more “bang for the buck” made us feel very comfortable in making a decision to accept the contract and get a new AC unit and furnace. The amount of time it took for us to sign the contract and for the work to be completed was less than two days. The speed at which you were able to begin and complete the work was amazing!

- Donald S.
Columbia, MD

Our existing, older heat pump system was not keeping up with our cooling and heating. We thought our system needed to be replaced. Minnick’s not only was able to service our existing system, but also noted that the issues were more related to Air Leakage, Duct Leakage, and lack of Attic Insulation. The professionalism of the onsite technicians was something we’ve never seen from any contractor. They were polite, knowledgeable and treated our residence like a home, not a construction site. Other than the work being completed, you would never know they where here. Additionally, the personal level of service received from the owners was very impressive. On a 100 degree day, we were the only ones in the neighborhood that didn’t have the A/C running when I came home from work, the house was 75 degrees all the way through. Minnick’s is a top-notch company.

- Justin and Shari
Annapolis, MD

Just a quick note, the air quality and cooling are noticeably better than ever before and our system is working great, and in fact, I started calling it the “Apollo 13” of A/C systems. You know; it costs a hell of a lot; you spend plenty of time trying to perfect and maintain it; and, then it tries to kill, you before you get to your final destination. I’m pleased to say that I believe we have finally crossed the Rubicon and that I’m confident the reasons and issues (known or unknown) have finally been addressed. And, I’m very glad we’re back on Minnick’s VIP Program.

- Drew M.
Columbia, MD

Minnick’s comfort advisor, Rob Minnick, took the time to explain to us the issues with the energy consumption of our home. He gave us reasonable recommendations and explained how there are various programs available to assist homeowners with energy improvements. The rebates available to us enabled us to move forward with the recommendations. We noticed a difference in the upper floors almost immediately and are excited to see how the improvements will affect our comfort physically and financially this winter.

- Audra & Keith
Columbia, MD