Minnick’s comfort advisor, Rob Minnick, took the time to explain to us the issues with the energy consumption of our home. He gave us reasonable recommendations and explained how there are various programs available to assist homeowners with energy improvements. The rebates available to us enabled us to move forward with the recommendations. We noticed a difference in the upper floors almost immediately and are excited to see how the improvements will affect our comfort physically and financially this winter.

- Audra & Keith
Columbia, MD

“I like the fact that Minnick’s is BPI certified and that [they] work with BGE to make the project more effective.”

- Marion B, Odenton, MD

We were afraid that when we had to have a new HVAC system installed it would be a mess. Minnick’s’ technicians were just gentleman and kept things so VERY clean. There quality of work and professionalism through the install from start to finish was great. The first 2 nights we had to keep checking that the system was on because we could not hear it running, of course it was on. Then there is the obvious lack of dust – really mean it, just in 2 days it was obvious. Thank you so much for a quality system and superior installation.

- Carlos & Debbie M.
Olney, MD

“It’s stressful when you feel like you don’t really understand it [purchasing a new system] that well. So to have somebody sit down and really truly explain to you ‘this is what it’s like,’ ‘this is exactly what is broken,’ ‘this is what your house requires,’ ‘this is how it’s done’ and truly going through all the options for us, made us feel very comfortable with our decision.”

I work in healthcare and I understand the importance in healthcare doing the same thing with people to understand how the body works you have to explain what it is you are doing to people. And I feel like we had a very similar kind of experience through Minnick’s and I appreciate that because I don’t think that is the kind of service you get routinely with people coming into your house and saying you need this you need that.

It was just one of those things where we felt great about understanding what we were getting so Thank you very much.

- Shannon & Daniel R.
Bowie, MD

The Comfort Advisor as well as the Installers were very nice and did a great job. Very careful and neat, even had drop cloths for the areas they worked. They even added stone around the unit per my request. It was a big surprise when one of the owners, Rusty Minnick, came by the job once completed to verify the job was done the Minnick way.

- Mae Wanda Jackson
Silver Spring, MD