The expertise of Rusty talking us through the different options and ways in which our older house could get more “bang for the buck” made us feel very comfortable in making a decision to accept the contract and get a new AC unit and furnace. The amount of time it took for us to sign the contract and for the work to be completed was less than two days. The speed at which you were able to begin and complete the work was amazing!

- Donald S.
Columbia, MD

“Our AC was breaking down and Minnick’s did an excellent job in replacing it. I liked their honesty and punctuality. I would absolutely recommend them!”

- Maedi C.
Washington DC

My heat pump had failed. Inside, the coils had gotten dirty and moldy. I was afraid you wouldn’t even work on my moldy, old furnace! I was so pleased that you did. And, you told me exactly how the work would happen and it happened just that way. All the folks involved were professional and courteous and got the job done neatly, too.

- Marcia S.
Silver Spring, MD

“It’s stressful when you feel like you don’t really understand it [purchasing a new system] that well. So to have somebody sit down and really truly explain to you ‘this is what it’s like,’ ‘this is exactly what is broken,’ ‘this is what your house requires,’ ‘this is how it’s done’ and truly going through all the options for us, made us feel very comfortable with our decision.”

I work in healthcare and I understand the importance in healthcare doing the same thing with people to understand how the body works you have to explain what it is you are doing to people. And I feel like we had a very similar kind of experience through Minnick’s and I appreciate that because I don’t think that is the kind of service you get routinely with people coming into your house and saying you need this you need that.

It was just one of those things where we felt great about understanding what we were getting so Thank you very much.

- Shannon & Daniel R.
Bowie, MD

Our heating and cooling system was not operating properly and we were afraid of the cost and quality we’d receive from the wrong contractor. BUT…Every time we called, someone from Minnick’s answered the phone and provided me with an answer. We were especially pleased with the reasonable costs, knowledgeable and on time (every day!) and the Customer Service!

- Zach B.
Washington, DC