32 ways to feel more comfortableSmart Maintenance

When Minnick’s services your HVAC system, ask your technician about our smart technology that alerts you to HVAC issues before they happen! It offers 32 ways to feel more comfortable. All for just $49 a year.

Smart Maintenance offers monthly monitoring of your HVAC system and urgent alerts. The remote-maintenance checks analyze 32 components of your HVAC system. Get alerts when it’s time to change your air filter or if there’s a problem with an HVAC part.

Using custom sensors, the technology detects up to 80-percent of HVAC failures before they happen.

Predict, prevent, and protect with Smart Maintenance.

Plus, get monthly reports detailing your system’s performance. Save money on your utility bills by staying on top of your unit’s efficiency.

Smart Maintenance also checks the accuracy of repairs and installation of new equipment.

Get 12 remote maintenance checks a year, for $49. Plus, a one-time installation fee.

Since Smart Maintenance offers many monthly and urgent alerts, performance reports, and installation verification you’ll need fewer maintenance inspections each year. Minnick’s recommends two, one before the heating season and one before the cooling season.

With Smart Maintenance, we recommend annual maintenance. It’s another way you save money!

We include the annual maintenance check with Smart Maintenance. The price is $199 a year, plus a one-time installation fee.

Get peace of mind monitoring and comfort for less.

save 10% on plumbing
Save 10% on plumbing service and repairs

Unitl the end of 2017, save 10% on plumbing repairs and service.

Did you know you’re supposed to flush your water heater at least once a year, to keep it running longer? Flushing removes the sediment that builds up in the tank over time, but you have to be careful removing it. This job is better left to a plumber than another item on your honey-to-do list.

Have a leaky sink? Save money on your water bill by getting it fixed.

Don’t miss out on these special plumbing savings!

Earn up to $7500 in rebates

BGE and Pepco customers qualify for up to $7500 in energy-saving rebates from the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

Find out how much money you qualify for during a home energy audit. Minnick’s Energy Audit pLUS finds sources of energy loss. The auditor provides solutions to improve whole home comfort while saving you energy.

With this special offer, BGE and Pepco customers pay just $100 for an energy audit.

Take advantage of this deal while it lasts.

Minnick’s VIP customer service

Minnick’s prides itself on its commitment to customer service. That’s why we always offer an $89 service call and invite all customers to join our exclusive VIP Club.

The VIP Club is free to all Minnick’s customers. There are lots of ways to earn points including regular service, providing referrals, preventative maintenance, and more.

The points add up to Minnick’s Money, which can be used for future service or maintenance. It’s a straightforward program. 1 point = $1

All VIP members get priority scheduling.

We added a new way to earn VIP points. Check-in with Minnick’s on Facebook when our HVAC technician arrives at your home.

On top of these deals that we offer year- round, we also offer monthly promotions that keep your family comfortable and healthy.